Gustavo S. Mesch

Gustavo S. Mesch is a Professor of Digital Sociology (Emeritus).

He was the Rector of the University of Haifa (2016-2021).

He served as the Dean of the Amir Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Haifa (2012-2016)

He holds a PhD degree in Sociology from the Ohio State University (1993).

His research interests are technology and society, social effects of new media, youth internet culture, social networks on-line and offline.

He is currently studying patterns of cyber fraud scams, identity theft and the use of preventive measures, a study funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Israel.

He has served as Chair of the Information & Communication Section of the American Sociological Association.

and Editor-in-Chief of the Sociological Focus, the official Journal of the North Central Sociological Association (U.S.)