Research Projects

I am a Full Professor of Sociology at the University of Haifa (Israel). I investigate the social impacts of Information and Communication Technologies on Society.I was the Chair of the Communication and Information Technologies section of the American Sociological Association and the former Editor of the Sociological Focus, official journal of the North Central Sociological Association.

Research Projects

Research Grants

Research Projects

Mesch, Gustavo & Chaya Stier, (1995). The Effect of Urban Economic Mismatch on Poverty in Israel. Pinhas Sapir Center. (10,000$).

Mesch, Gustavo. (1996). Fear of Crime among Women. Haifa University, Research Authority. 3,000$.

Mesch, Gustavo (1999). The spatial and social integration of Immigrants of the FSU in Israel. Haifa Municipality. (2,500$).

Eisikovits, Z., Fishman, Gideon & Gustavo S. Mesch. (1999-01). FactorsAssociated with Dangerous Domestic Violence. Israel Ministry of Social Welfare. (30,000 $).

Ilan Talmud & Gustavo Mesch. (2000-1). Study of Face to Face and Computer Supported Communities among Youth in Israel. Israel Foundation Trustees (30,000 $).

Gideon Fishman, Zvi Eisikovits, Gustavo S. Mesch and Rainer Silbereisen. (2001-6). Adjustment of Adolescents from the Former States of the Soviet Union . Germany Israel Cooperation Program (D.I.P). (750,000 Euros).

Mesch, Gustavo. (2002). Study the Relationship between Neighborhood Characteristics and immigrants Involvement in Crime. Research Authority, University of Haifa. (1,000$).

Gustavo S. Mesch, Keith Hampton and Ilan Talmud. (2003-6). Governance & the Internet: Mailing Lists, Social Capital and Citizen Participation. U. S. Israel-US Bi-National Science Foundation. (90,000 $).

Zvi Eisikovits, Gideon Fishman & Gustavo S. Mesch. (2006-9). Social Norms and Violent Behavior of Immigrant Adolescents in Israel and Germany.German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).(114,000 Euros).

Gustavo S. Mesch & Ilan Talmud. (2008-11). The social impacts of the Internet in Israel. Israel Science Foundation. (80,000 $).

Gustavo S. Mesch. (2008). Israel Internet Society. Arab attitudes to Internet Use. Israel. Internet Society. (9,000 $).

Rita Mano & Gustavo S. Mesch (2009). Ethnic inequalities in access to medical information and medical services. Macabbi Health Services Research Foundation. (26,000$).

Mesch, Gustavo S. (2013-6). Antecedents and consequences of cyber victimization among personal internet users. Ministry of Science and Technology. (185,000 US$).

Rita Mano & Gustavo Mesch. Social Networking Sites and Health in Israel. Israel Science Foundation 2015-2018 220,000 US$

Maya Negev , Anat Gesser-Edelsburg, Talia Miron-Shatz Earthquake Preparedness Experiment for Developing Strategies to Motivate the Israeli Public’s Seismic Adjustment Behavior. Ministry of Science and Technology, Israel 2018-2020 50,000 US$.

Lu, Wilfred (P.I.) & Mesch, G. (co-PI). 2021-24. “Longitudinal profiles of risky online behaviors among early adolescents: Associations with indicators of positive technological development using a person‐centered approach” .Research Council of Hong Kong. (approximately USD113,349).

H2020 project "Children Online: Research and Evidence (CO:RE)"(2021) . Research leader Leibniz Institute of Media Research (Hans Bredow Institute), Israeli part 10,000 Euros.

Contact information: Gustavo Mesch, Professor,