New Book

“This book offers a thought-provoking view on the role of the web in young peoples’ lives, and is a must for every behavioural and social scientist interested in how adolescents deal with the rapid technological and social change of our times. ” – Rainer K. Silbereisen, Department of Developmental Psychology, University of Jena, Germany

“This book stands apart from a flood of hyperbole about ‘born digital children.’ The authors provide an empirically anchored and analytically rigorous perspective on the role of the Internet in the social lives of adolescents. This is must reading for anyone with serious concerns about children and the Internet.”Professor William Dutton, Director, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, UK

“Are teens really different in the Age of the Internet? What’s going on beneath the buds of their smartphones and under the fingers of their keyboards? This book uses sound, empirically-based methods to show how life on the internet and life in real life are intertwined.” – Barry Wellman, University of Toronto, Canada

“Accessible, clear, and illuminating, this overview integrates research worldwide and across disciplines, whilst avoiding the traps of celebratory as well as moral panic approaches. It offers an intelligent and useful perspective of contemporary adolescents’ off- and on-line lives.” – Dafna Lemish, Professor of Communication, Tel Aviv University, Israel